Over the years families have wanted sacraments or ceremonies for their children that were personal, family oriented and in a space that reflected and symbolized both. This can be at a family home or some other appropriate setting. Not many traditional clergy will officiate at a baptism outside a church building. This is not a problem for me. After the ceremony, I have a Baptismal certificate that I give that is recognized by all Christian churches every where.


Not all families want a "baptism" that is a specific Christian sacrament. Some families want their child or children to make a conscious decision about which faith community with which they wish to align when they get older. Yet, a service is needed to welcome the new baby officially into the family. The "baby naming" ceremony is very similar to the Sacrament of Baptism.


Both services emphasize the love of God and the responsibility of the family (and their friends) to raise the child with love, nurturing and caring. If you are interested and want further information, please contact me via this website.