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Dr. Claus

I only do 1 wedding per day - make it yours! Dr. Claus has been officiating at wedding ceremonies that have always included people of different faiths and backgrounds. I love bridge building between people and a wedding ceremony is a perfect time to show this can and does happen. I do not charge for the actual wedding ceremony, but I do for the following: (1) wedding ceremony booklets for couples to use for sculpting their ceremony that truly reflects who they are; (2) meeting with a couple to be sure this ceremony is exactly what they wish; (3) time, distance and gas- round trip- from my home to the wedding venue and finally: the biggy ...I will only offciate a 1 wedding per day....this can be yours. .

  • 15360 SW 111 St. Miami, Fl 33196
  • 305-898-2489