We Talk

Please give me a call and discuss what you want for your ceremony. Your ceremony should reflect what you both are and believe and hope for in love and marriage.

We Consult

I send out two ceremony booklets for you to keep and use as you plan your ceremony. One is a Traditional service; the other is a non-Traditional. Many couples "sculpt" some sections from each in developing their wedding ceremony.

Once a couple has a ceremony worked up, I suggest they send it to me in a Word document.

Then we meet. We go over the ceremony and get to know each other.

We Celebrate

Finally comes the actual day of the wedding when we celebrate your marriage with your wedding ceremony. Some couples require a rehearsal. We will discuss this as the need arises.

I arrive at the wedding at least 30 minutes early and stay for pictures afterwards.

When I officiate it is customary for the bride and groom to pick what they wish me to wear: white robe/stole, business suit, informal suit, etc.